Chime Candles || 3 White 4" Candles || All-Purpose, Cleansing, Positivity.


Pack of 3. 4" tall, white chime altar candles. 1.5 hour burn time. 

On their own, candles naturally represent all 4 elements:
Earth - when unlit
Fire - once lit
Water - when the wax melts, and
Air - via smoke.

Colors are made up of different vibrational frequencies. Everything in the world has a vibration, including us and our thoughts. We sense these vibrations on subtle levels, sometimes without even being aware. We can use specific colors to harness specific energies we wish to work with or draw into our life. 

White is used for:

Attracting, Purifying, Cleansing, Protection, Balancing, Clarity, Divination, Grounding, Guidance, Healing, Higher Self, Hope, Innocence, Optimism, Peace, Spirituality, Truth, Will Power, and Workplace Magic.

White is also thought of as an all-purpose candle, and can generally be used to replace other colors when they are not available.

You can use a white candle to replace other unavailable colors by:
- Tying a ribbon the color you wish to use around the base
- Writing your wish on paper that is the corresponding color and safety burning it. 

How to use:

When using candles for magick, try to use a new candle for each spell since they can hold the vibration from the last use. Begin by cleansing and charging the candle(s) with your intention before any ritual. This can be done purely with the intention, but some choose to anoint the candles with special oils or herbs, or carve runes, words, or sigils into the candle. Light the candle while visualizing what you wish to achieve. Sit and meditate on your goal or perform your ritual while the candle is burning down. Once you intuitively feel that you are finished, snuff out the candle or sit with it until it has finished burning.

If you don't burn the entire candle and you wish to perform the same spell again, store the unlit candle in a safe place, treating it with respect for the goal of its use. Each time you light the candle, renew your intention. If there is any remaining wax left once the candle has burnt all the way down or you are finished using it, either bury it outside or dispose of it safely.

Don't forget the all black matches...


Never leave a candle burning unattended. 
Keep burning candles away from children, pets, drafts, vibrations, and flammable objects. 

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