Mabon Loose Incense || Autumn Cleansing Herb Blend || Altar, Ritual, Prayer


10mL vial of ground dried herbs selected for their traditional association with Autumn and Mabon:

Yarrow, Rosemary, Sage, Mugwort, & Rosehips

Incorporate burning this herb blend into your Mabon celebrations, ritual, and/or altar to smoke cleanse and invoke strength, healing, positivity, and protection during this transitional time.

This herb blend is also available in our Mabon Chime Candles


"As a holiday, Mabon represents the time of honoring the dead, visiting burial sites, giving thankfulness for the end of the harvest season and the bounty it provides. These are the themes of closing, letting go, and remembering. For the year, the harvest and for those who were lost to land of Avalon during the year.

Although many view the Harvest season as a celebration of life, it is also a celebration of death. The bounty you gather from your garden provides nourishment for you, family, and friends. But it is also the death of those plants and vegetables which have been harvested from that garden. Thus Mabon is a celebration of the cycle of life."
- Magickal Winds

"The Time of Change is upon us again –
the Equinox comes, the Wheel turns…
The Goddess and the God prepare for
Their journey to the Otherworld,
as the Earth and all of Her children
prepare for the Time of Quiet and
Reflection that lies ahead…
May we use this Autumnal period
to seek for the strength and power within
to assist us on our own quests for
vision, feeling, and peace…
May we see and feel the presence of
the Goddess and the God within, though
without, the Earth begins Her slumber…
Keep us in Your light…
Who Was Mabon?"
-by Dana Corby


How to Burn Loose Incense:

What you need:

>>A Fire-proof container – use a cauldron, a brass burner, or any type of fire-proof container. Add 2" of ash or sand to the bottom to properly insulate it. The container will still get VERY HOT so use extreme caution and place a trivet or fire-proof coaster under the container to keep your altar or surface from being burned. 

>>A tablet of charcoal – There are many different types of charcoal out there – use one with no additives that you like best. Place the charcoal on top of the sand inside your burner.

>>A small set of tongs 

How to do it:

1. Pick up your charcoal with the tongs and place it in the direct flame of a candle for about 10-15 seconds to light a part of it. Your charcoal tablet will self-ignite the moment fire touches it and will make crackling, popping sounds, so make sure you keep the tablet a safe distance away from your face, body, or anything else nearby.

2. Place your charcoal bowl side up on top of the sand in your burner and let it sit for 1-5 minutes while it finishes catching. You'll see the sparks move across the tablet until they reach the other side. You'll see a gray patch appear on the side you lit. Let it sit until it is fully burned turns from black to gray. 

3) Select your herbs or incense to burn. Place a pinch of the herbs or incense on top of the lit charcoal block. It will begin to smolder. Use very little to start with and then gradually add in more herbs or incense until you reach the desired amount. Too much at once will snuff out your charcoal

4) Use the smoke from the herbs to cleanse your space or wave items you wish to cleanse through the smoke. Just make sure not to touch your charcoal or container. This type of smoke cleansing is not meant to be portable like a smolder stick! 

5) Your charcoal tablet will eventually burn up entirely and reduce itself to ash. You can simply mix it into your base of sand/ash at the bottom. Don't leave it unattended until it’s completely finished burning and allowed to cool down.


Please exercise safe burning practices. Do not leave unattended or near sources of ignition (did I say that yet?) 

The Rex Apothecary makes no guarantee that any specific result will be obtained when using these items. The information here is not recommended as a substitute for medical, legal or financial advice. The majority of the information listed has been sourced from historical folklore, tradition and legend over which Rex Apothecary has no control. The Rex Apothecary has used reasonable efforts to verify the accuracy of the information provided, however no guarantee is made regarding authenticity, appropriateness, completeness, legality, reliability, or effectiveness.


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