Buddleja || Butterfly Bush || Graceful Transitions || Organically Grown Ethically Harvested


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1/2 cup of dried Butterfly Bush flowers, Buddleja

Grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers & ethically harvested during the waxing moon in Oregon's Willamette Valley. 


Medicinally, Buddleja has traditionally used for inflammation, rheumatism, and skin conditions. It also offers protection from UV damage and is particularly protective for mature skin. Infuse dried flowers into oil to make a skin defensive salve or liniment with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. 

Energetically, I personally associate Buddleja with the Air element. Its gentle resilience lends well to use in courage, endurance, breaking barriers or patterns, the hope of freedom, and rebuilding, all while maintaining grace and poise. Meditate or pray with the flowers, keep a sachet under your pillow, use it in rituals, or on your altar as an offering. "Empty-nesters" may find comfort in Buddleja's presence during that particular transition.  

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Not intended for internal use. 

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