Referral & Loyalty Program

In our rewards program you get 1 point for every $1 you spend.

250 points gets you a $5 discount code. 

300 points gets  you a $10 discount code.

500 points gets you a $25 discount code!

The best part is that you get 200 points just for signing up! Which means you only have to spend $50 over time to get 250 points and a $5 discount. Or sign up and spend $100 over time for 300 points and a $10 discount. Or, easier yet, sign up and refer a friend to get 400 total points! How does that work, you ask?

When you refer a friend they get 10% off of their order, but YOU get 200 rewards points.

Win win.

You get another 200 points just for signing up, so by referring a friend who places an order you already have 400 points! That’s enough for a $10 discount with 100 points left over, or keep saving points for that $25 discount. You’ve earned it!

Sign up is easy, just click on the "Rewards Program" image on the bottom of your screen and enter your name and email. 

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We promise to never give your email to anyone else or use it for anything besides sending you stuff we think is awesome.