I am not about to tell you the story of a girl raised on the land in rural Oregon by a midwife and a farmer. A winding path requiring the alignment of a great number of events has lead me to the place I am today. Finding my passion was not as easy as it is for some, so if you are still seeking yours I urge you to keep exploring, trust your gut, and maintain an open mind, as your calling may present itself where you least expect it.


Oregon wasn’t always home to Rex Apothecary founder and herbalist, Jovie Belisle. Raised in the Mojave Desert, she slowly meandered her way further and further north up the west coast; from San Clemente, Santa Barbara, & San Francisco, she has called many places {specifically, places that start with "San"} home. Portland, however, offered an environment that nurtured creativity, awareness & open-mindedness like no other town she had lived in. Drawn there in 2010 half by curiosity and half by kismet, it was in Portland that she was able to cultivate a richer sense of both self and community. This is where the shop was born. In 2015 she relocated to Eugene, just 100 miles south, where there is a rich herbal community and space to nurture the shop full time.

As a curious teenager Jovie would rifle through her mother’s kitchen for face mask ingredients, mixing and matching recipes from her grandmothers “home remedies” book based on what was on hand in the cupboards. Intrigued by the idea of food being used as medicine, the concept of putting the same things on your body that you would put in it seemed to make sense even from a young age. 

Years later, still drawn to medicine, she earned her bachelors degree in biological sciences from the University of California at Santa Barbara with the intention of entering the modern medical field. But the dogma of Western medicine never quite meshed with Jovie, and she left the world of emergency veterinary medicine that she had ended up losing so much sleep over. It was still unknown that she would attempt to make her two passions overlap, merging traditional folk remedies with modern research. 

In the summer of 2012, inspired by personal experiences attesting to the power of herbs, Jovie began studying at The American College of Healthcare Sciences, pursuing a diploma in Holistic Healthcare Practice and preparing to sit for a national board licensing exam in holistic nutrition. She began to see the connection between the oatmeal honey face masks that she dripped all over the bathroom and her fascination with the anatomical structures and functions that maintained balance within the body down to the cellular level. 

In 2011 she opened her Etsy shop: The Stegosaurus Rex, peddling high quality, effective vegan body-care products. As her studies in herbalism deepened, she began releasing more traditional herbal concoctions to support wellness. With these new items the shop needed a more distinct name. It was no longer just deodorant and tooth powder. It had grown into an apothecary. The Rex Apothecary. 

All of the formulations available are original. Herbs have been used traditionally in similar combinations for hundreds of years, so while Jovie does not claim to have invented these uses for herbs, the products available have all been created with the utmost integrity. She designs and prints each product label herself, with the intention not only of reminding us of simpler times {before the commercialization and mass production of health} but of providing a final seal that the crafter's hand went into each individual item, from start to finish. This transfers the love, energy, and power of the artisan's intention directly to whomever uses it. 

The items that she crafts are from nature. And nature, like humanity, is constantly fluctuating and adapting. If we don't allow for this fluctuation and adaptation {and instead only focus on speed, convenience, and price} then we are shutting out the opportunity for ourselves to fluctuate and adapt with nature. 

"Progress is impossible without change 

& those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." 

-George Bernard Shaw


 Rest In Peace, King
My Best Friend
& Namesake of The Rex Apothecary