Mend Bath Soak / Healing + Astringent Herbal Sitz Bath


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Herbal bath soak. Beauty. Detox. Epsom Salt. Oats. Calendula. Yarrow. Witch Hazel. Lavender. Plantain Leaf. Chamomile.

This soothing blend of ingredients has potent anti-inflammatory, astringent, and healing properties to regenerate, calm, and tone inflamed skin. Great for general detoxification and most minor irritations on the body, but especially good for mending postpartum mothers. Makes a wonderful gift for those expecting... Mom will be eternally grateful for a gift that can bring her a bit of the comfort and solace that she is likely missing during this stressful time! All ingredients are organic, ethically harvested, and naturally caffeine free. 
>>>Yarrow & Witch hazel are astringent, tightening and toning pores and reducing excess fluid stored in the tissues that causes swelling

>>>Lavender & Chamomile are calming and relaxing, soothing the frayed nerves that come along with pain and irritation.

>>>Calendula & Plantain are anti-inflammatory, supporting healthy cell regeneration and healing. 
>>>Epsom Salts provide detoxifying minerals, while emollient Oats soften and protect damaged skin. 

>>>Fill a tub with enough very hot water to cover your hips at least
{or a full bath for less potency}. 
>>>Drop bag in and allow it to steep until the water is tolerable. 
>>>Enjoy your bath. 
>>>If you have stitches limit to once a day. Otherwise enjoy multiple baths a day. 
>>>Continue until you feel comfortable.

↬Leave the contents in the bag when you put it in the tub! You do not want to be fishing plant and oat bits out of your tub or having it clog your drain, I promise you that.

↬Women who are pregnant or nursing are advised to consult their doctor before using herbs.

↬Please make your own informed decision on the ingredients in this product to determine if it is right for you. These natural products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease, or to affect the structure or function of the body. Consult a doctor before use if you are taking any medications.

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