What is The Rex Apothecary?

Small Batch, Eco-Friendly Body Products & Plant Medicinals
For The Stylish, Conscious Consumer


Historically, an apothecary was an expert on formulating and dispensing remedies to physicians and patients {You may be picturing a tall, white-bearded, Merlin-esque, man}. Apothecaries offered general medical advice and operated through a storefront where concoctions and tobacco were sold.  


Today? This apothecary is offering their own concoctions, as well as information gathered through formal studies in herbalism and holistic nutrition. We are here to provide you with an option outside of the large retail corporations that tell you what you need to buy. Colds and flus need NyQuil... Tooth paste needs to come in this plastic tube... You need twelve different kinds of soap in your house... Deodorant needs  to have aluminum... everything you put in & on your body needs to have questionable chemicals in it...

These artisan items are from nature. And nature, like humanity, is constantly fluctuating and adapting. If we don't allow for this fluctuation and adaptation {and instead prioritize speed, convenience, and routine} then we are shutting out the opportunity for ourselves to fluctuate and adapt along with nature.